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The Cultivated Mastermind

I am a part of this AMAZING group called the Cultivated mastermind. It is a group of 9 talented female business owners in the wedding industry. We are made up of photographers, makeup artists, planners and florists. It is a group where we pick each other’s brains, keep each other accountable and help motivate one another.

When Tia from Cameron and Tia Photography asked me to be a part of this group, I wasn’t too sure about it. I was in a huge rut and didn’t think It would be worthwhile as wedding season was quickly approaching. After just reading the title I thought to myself that maybe it would be beneficial for me to join this group as other mastermind groups offer brainstorming, education, accountability and support. Just what I needed to get myself out of the rut I was in. I took the chance and signed up.

I am so glad that I joined this mastermind. I don’t know what I would do without this group. It seriously got me out of my rut and has inspired me to become a better business owner and I have met some of the coolest women ever!! Being apart of this mastermind helped me realize that I don't have to ride this crazy roller coaster

I call my business, by myself. I have all these women in the industry to support me and that can relate to almost everything that I am going through. I have realized that women are better together and there is no reason to walk this path alone. Together we can move mountains.

We kicked off our group with a weekend retreat at this adorable Air B&B in Edina. I was so excited for this retreat but also incredibly nervous as I was spending a weekend with 8 other girls that I had never met before and I had no idea what to expect!!

I was the first to arrive at the retreat, which is usually the case as I am always 15-20 min early to everything. Tia welcomed me with open arms and gave me the biggest hug and showed so much excitement that I was there. This was an amazing start to the weekend retreat.

Once everyone arrived, we got down to business by introducing ourselves and then had multiple speakers come in to discuss how they started their business, branding, and self care. The speaker that stood out to me the most was, Tara Munter from the blog Bloom and Wander. She was just what I needed in my life, she motivated me to never stop investing in myself. I realized that I needed to put myself first in order to not burn out and that I needed to invest in myself in order to stay creative.

The weekend retreat ended with this amazing styled dinner. Style Society and Moody Hues Floral brought in this awesome wooden table along with chairs, plates, glassware, silverware, candles, and floral arrangements. The floral arrangements brought so much life to the room, they were the perfect addition to a spring dinner.

If you are thinking about joining a mastermind I highly recommend it. The Cultivated Mastermind didn't just end after the weekend retreat. We get together monthly to discuss what we are struggling with and to celebrate our wins whether they are big or small. We collaborate and keep each other accountable to make sure we are meeting our goals. I have learned that by helping someone else, you are also helping yourself grow.


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