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Jess was a wonderful day-of wedding day coordinator! She help us with so many things leading up to the day (timeline, contacting all of our vendors, ceremony logistics, reception recommendations, etc.) and was instrumental to making sure everything went off without a hitch. From decorations set up, to flipping the room from ceremony to reception, to clean up and wrangling our vendors, she did so much work with very little direction. She was so proactive and communicative, making our day perfect. I definitely recommend a day-of coordinator, specifically Events by Jess! Worth every penny.

- Brie & Ben

My now wife and I hired Jess as our event day coordinator for our wedding this past weekend. With her help everything went perfectly. We had so many moving parts and last minute changes, Jess was on top of all of it. Even just the planning part, there are so many little things that you would never think of that Jess helps you organize for. Everything, everything went perfectly for our wedding and we know that, that would not have happened without all of her help. She’s a must hire!

- Matt & Callie


If you are looking for a full-service planner or day-of coordinator, look no further! I loved working with Jess throughout the planning process and she made sure our wedding day ran smoothly despite all the challenges of having a wedding on a chilly day in the midst of a global pandemic. It was such a relief to know that Jess was keeping track of making sure that everything was happening on schedule throughout the planning and on the wedding day so that I could just relax and enjoy the process. It was so helpful to have someone else coordinating communication with vendors and understanding what the vision was for the wedding day so that I could just show up, get ready, and enjoy. I keep thinking back through the day and realizing all the effort and running around that Jess must have done to pull it all off - it would be my nightmare, but she says she loves it. My husband and I agree that she was worth every penny!

- Emily & Brandon

Jessica Levens was the best coordinator out there! She was so organized and had everything ready to go for us the day of. She made sure that I was comfortable with everything and everything was up to my standards for the day of. She was great fit for us and I really trusted her opinions, everything was better then I expected and I have her to thank! She was great at communicating to the day of the wedding. She would always get back to me the same day if I have any questions or anything! She was such a joy to work with! I would highly recommend her!

- Sara & Andrew


Jess made our wedding so easy and so worry-free. Jess stepped in to help us plan our modified wedding only a couple of weeks before our wedding day (we were extremely unprepared, to say the least!) and her level of organization and attention to detail turned our hot mess of a wedding into a beautifully seamless experience. I am a very organized person, but Jess takes organization and planning to the next level. Not only is Jess organized, she and her team are extremely helpful and accommodating. They know how to support the clients and they show up and meet the clients where they are. She asks questions you never would have thought to ask - and thank goodness she asks those questions. Not only does she take direction well, but she and her team constantly looked around for ways to help on the day of - plus, they made it fun!!! Jess will take the little details so that you don’t have to worry about them and so that you can enjoy your wedding day. Both of our families absolutely adored her and we can’t say enough great things about her. If you book Events by Jess for your wedding, you are guaranteed to be in excellent hands.

- Mimi & Dane

Hands down I would recommend Jess to anyone and everyone! She was perfect. She was always punctual, patient, thoughtful, and on top of things. She even went out to pick up plates we had forgotten to get the morning of our wedding! I was on the fence on whether or not I wanted to hire a wedding planner because of my wedding budget. Oh man, she was so well worth it. There is no way I could have done it myself and stayed sane. Honestly, I think she may be the only reason I didn't turn into a bridezilla. Jess you were so awesome. Seriously, thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU!

- Esther & Kristian

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Jessica was simply awesome! She provided great insight, wedding tips & tricks, and helped with our design strategy. Jessica gave us and our families peace of mind, knowing that she was coordinating with our vendors, creating their timelines, directing the ceremony, setting up wedding decor and tables, and cleaning up for us at the end of the night. We didn’t have to worry about anything! We were able to enjoy our day to the fullest knowing that Jessica had everything under control for us. We would highly recommend her if you are looking for a wedding planner and coordinator!

- Jessica & Adam

Jess did a terrific job getting us organized. Her references were excellent and made us very comfortable with her services. After the wedding we would definitely reference for her work. I would recommend adding the time for the rehearsal as that was important to getting our wedding organized. During the rehearsal she provided lots of good suggestions and asked lots of good questions we overlooked initially.

- Kassie & Marco


We originally sought out Jess because our venue required a day-of coordinator, but after meeting with her we decided to use her help with partial planning as well. As newbies at wedding planning and working on a 8-month engagement, we could not have finished this wedding without her. She helped keep us on track with big and small details, helped me develop a vision for the decor, and thought of so many things that just don’t occur to people who have never planned a wedding before. Events by Jess is a fairly new company, but Jess has tons of experience in the Minneapolis wedding industry, and it shows. She is organized, efficient, and to the point, but really enjoys what she does. She came to every meeting with checklists for us to work through and questions to help guide us through decisions and to help get her the information she needed. She is also incredibly accommodating and adaptable. We had an Orthodox Jewish wedding, a novelty in Minneapolis, and totally new for all but one of our vendors. Jess watched videos, met with our rabbi for a walk-through and explanation of the ceremony and venue. She had a great attitude about the uniqueness of the our needs and really stayed on top of them so well! It was truly a pleasure working with her!

- Chelsea & Leib

From the first time we met Jess, we knew she would be the perfect day of coordinator for our wedding. She is professional and efficient, and helps you think about details that you may have not considered. In addition to two planning meetings, her help on our wedding day was invaluable, especially with the cleanup at the end of the night. We couldn't be more grateful for her services!

- Becky & Steffen


When I asked Jessica to be my wedding planner I had no idea what to expect. I thought that she would perhaps give me some professional advice and help relieve stress.  But little did I know she would make wedding planning a fun and enjoyable experience. She did everything from looking at venue spaces, taste testing, color patterns, organizing tables, and more! She knew what questions to ask vendors to guarantee no hidden fees. Jessica helped Corey and I find the best prices and the best quality, while still allowing us to have complete access to everything. Corey and I were still in school and she made planning a wedding look effortless. Her sense of professionalism and connections in the event planning community is irreplaceable. We are so thankful for her and could not have planned our wedding without her! Planning the wedding of your dreams can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. We highly recommend Jessica Levens!"

- Asha & Corey 

Working in the event industry myself, I used Jess as my day of coordinator to do the tasks I do weekend after weekend for every one of my wedding couples! It was a relief to have someone do all the “behind the scene” things that people outside of the industry don’t think of. Jess was quick to respond, took charge during rehearsal, and closing scantly checked in on our vendors. She was always smiling and made the day go off without a hitch! 

- Jamie & Tyler


Jess was awesome! She rescued me multiple times - I thought I was so prepared but of course I was scrambling the last couple days. She was happy to help in any way she could, had a great attitude and was professional! Our reception may have been a little more relaxed and a little different than some weddings she has done but I felt like she handled everything well.

- Olivia & David

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