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Pros & Cons of The First Look

A hot topic I talk about with a lot with my clients is the first look between the bride and the groom. According to a study, 45% of couples are doing a first look, but nearly half of those couples decide to take a sneak peek at each other before they walk down the aisle. So whats the best decision for you? Below you will find a pro and con list to help you determine if a first look is right for you.


- Having a first look helps tremendously if you have a late ceremony or a tight schedule after the ceremony. You can get the majority of your pictures taken before the ceremony so you don't have to rush to get them done after.

- You and your soon to be husband/or wife gets some alone time together.

- If you get all your pictures done before the ceremony you can enjoy your cocktail reception.

- You will be filled with emotion either way.

-Helps with lighting for a winter wedding. during the winter it typically gets dark between 4:30-5:30 and by taking your pictures earlier in the day you can have natural lighting.

-First look can ease nerves. you can have them to lean on for support.


-You want the traditional wedding where you want him to see you for the first time when you walk down the aisle.

- May loose having "the moment" at the alter.

- You have to get ready earlier on in the day.

- May need to add on extra hours with your photographer


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