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2018 Wedding Trends You Will Love

Are you in the middle of planning a 2018 wedding? Shake up your wedding design with the latest in wedding trends! The great thing about trends, whether in fashion, interior design, or wedding decor, is that you can pick and choose what resonates with you to add a modern touch to your overall look.

Aside from copying the worlds hottest power couple, I am excited to see fresh color palette, unique escort card displays, and an unexpected twist on the traditional wedding. Keep reading for morning exciting, modern, and on trend ideas.

Mixed Metals

One of my favorite trends in event design is mixing metals. Using Metallics is a growing trend for home décor that crosses over to weddings as well! In the past, couples would choose to accent with just one shade, but now, mixing silver, gold, copper and rose gold is hotter than ever. In fact, many sophisticated and understated events are incorporating multiple metal textures in their décor, and the resulting affairs are breathtakingly beautiful! Below are a few images that inspire us to apply this design trend to our event design.

Bridal Tiaras

If veils and flower crowns aren’t really your thing, you’re in luck because 2018 is all about the bridal tiara! Keep it simple with a thin gold or silver band of leaves or go bold with a crystal-embedded crown.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Garden weddings or outdoor wedding venues have been a huge trend for at least a decade. Couples today are now switching it up, they love the outdoors, but hate the unpredictable nature of taking their ceremony outside. Many couples are bringing the outdoors inside, and finding venues that have an outdoor feel, but indoors.

Geometric Ceremony Backdrops

Geometry isn’t new to the wedding decor world, but 2018 is going to see a lot of geometric ceremony backdrops in particular! I love the triangular A-frame arch design and have been seeing more and more of the full-circle backdrops popping up in majorly on-trend ceremonies. Looking for something totally different? Get inspired by shapes and do something all your own!

Specialty food stations will enhance guests' experiences

While there's nothing wrong with keeping the traditional dinner of poultry, red meat, or seafood on the menu, 2018 will see a growing trend of incorporating food stations that showcase the couple's personality. 


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