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Wedding Advice- Get Organized

The best way to keep the planning FUN and less stressful is to be ORGANIZED!! Jot down wishes and dreams for your ideal celebration and keep them all in one place.

When you work with me at Events by Jess I keep all of your details in a wedding planning software called Aisle Planner! You will get complimentary access to the software while planning your wedding. The reason why I love Aisle Planner is that you can access it from home or on the go as it is a website! I have used it both on my computer and on my phone!

This wedding planning software has everything you need and keeps everything in one place with out having to use a boring excel document! You will have access to a comprehensive check-list, an ability to add your own tasks and tasks for me (your wedding planner), a design space, budget tool, layout tool, notes, contacts and more. This program keeps all your details organized and keeps you from combing email threads to find tidbits of information.

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